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D A Y  R E T R E A T

At the change of the season to Autumn, this day retreat is an opportunity for a new beginning, which are moments I treasure and that I would dearly love to share with you.


Autumn is my favourite time of year, after the busyness of Summer, where we can easily over commit ourselves in a season that invites warmth in community and gathering, we turn our attention back to ourselves.

It can be so easy to become overstretched and removed from ourselves in the summer months; all our attention and energy directed outwards. This will be an opportunity to pause, to gather those scattered parts of ourselves, to return our awareness inward. A day to greet yourself, exactly where you are. 


Held at The Lighthouse, Tytherington, with its beautiful surrounds, nature will influence this process of coming back.


You can expect a dynamic morning practise that will focus on grounding; back into our bodies, our breath.

There will be a delicious plant based lunch, teas and snacks throughout the day, with the opportunity to walk in the grounds.

In the afternoon we will slow down with a nourishing Yin practise and a Sound Bath; the Gong strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, slows the brain waves and as a result, is deeply relaxing and healing. The Sound Bath will also include crystal singing bowls, percussion and acoustic guitar from Amy Bisazza, whom I am delighted will be supporting me with this offering. 


It will be a day to allow space, space to freely allow the unraveling, beginning the process of letting go and to notice what is most important to you in your life right now.

We’ll be tuning in, being curious to that whisper within, your inner knowing that can often be overridden, during the busyness of summer.

We will gather, with an open heart, to listen.


Date: Sunday 24 September 

Time: Arrive 10.00, you’ll be on your way by 17.00.

Location: The Lighthouse, Bull's Quarries Rd, Tytherington, Frome BA11 5BW

Accommodation: Please visit

Investment: £72*


*In the event that you need to cancel your place, 50% refund will be offered with 6+ weeks notice, within this time, 0% refund. 

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