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What does it mean, to live authentically?

‘’Taking a moment to figure out how you FEEL instead of letting old patterns decide for you, is one of the most authentic things you can do’ 

- Yung Pueblo

Pursuing freedom has been a sub-conscious core value of mine all my life.

The older I get the more aware of it I have become.

For me, freedom means ... Limitless choice; living without constraints, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It has taken a series of choices and subsequent actions, over the last 8 years for me to begin to really feel free, and it’s the path of yoga that has led me to living a more authentic life; a consistent and relentless enquiry of what makes me happy, and what brings me joy. 

Making choices that at times are hard. Especially, choices about who I surround myself with, the environments I spend my time in, and the energy that either supports me, or drains me.

Authentic living is all about making you, your number one priority. It’s the highest form of self-care, and self-respect.

I was in my early 30s when I finally realised that I was so weighed down with emotion and trauma; trapped in a life that didn’t make me feel good, conditioned by society to pursue a university education, embark on a high-pressure career, make money, buy a house, make more money, fill it with things, make more money, buy more things. I felt heavier, darker and more sad as the years passed. 

I had a successful career in executive recruitment. I had money and I frittered it away. It was meaningless to me. I had more pairs of shoes and matching handbags than I could keep track of and yet in those outfits, I felt a fraud. It was a costume. 

I had so much, yet I felt so little. I reached a tipping point; my choice was to get buried by these dense emotions or make a change and dig my way out. I had been miserable in my work for a long time, but it was an impulsive decision, almost a snap, that provoked me to walk away. 

The relief was incredible - I could stop pretending. I could take the first step towards finding out who I really was, and what I wanted from this life. Bold? Yes. Scary? Yes. Difficult? No.

It was the most honest that I have ever been with myself. I felt something alive flicker inside me, truth. 

I made the commitment to pursue my truth boldly, fiercely and without apology. 

What more is this life, other than a series of choices and experiences? 

Why wouldn’t you want the best experiences possible?

My sense of freedom evolved as I continued to make choices based on the way they made me feel. Your intuition is incredibly powerful, if you pay attention to it. 

I have removed the word ‘should’ from my vocabulary. My actions are either of my choosing, or not at all. This doesn’t mean it’s OK for me to be insensitive, if anything, this compassion for myself has filtered out to those closest to me and I have developed more empathy, more love and deeper gratitude for those I choose to surround myself with.

Remember you cannot give what you do not have. It must start with you.

Pursuing your truth, striding towards a more authentic life of love, joy and gratitude is not always an easy path to follow. I understand that. I know I have been fortunate to be able do this with without any dependants or other responsibilities other than to myself. 

Living an authentic life offers freedom, and like yoga, it is a way of being; a very unique way of being. It fills your heart and feeds your soul. 

I have been practicing yoga for the past 18 years and teaching yoga, full time since 2018. I am embracing the freedom that this work brings and the connections I am making. It’s an absolute joy, and as long as that joy continues. I will continue. 

‘Yoga gives you a luxurious life. It brings you things money can’t buy’

- Larry Schultz ‘The Rocket Man’

I firmly believe that I have had more love, more joy, more happiness and more beauty in my life by living authentically, than in the previous 30+ years combined. Yoga, this work, has been the vehicle and what a beautiful ride!

I found my true self in Yoga, for you it could be something completely different. If you have the urge to find yourself, to live a truly authentic life, please get in touch. 

I am creating a unique program to encourage and support others to find their own authenticity, their own joy. I would love to have the opportunity to help you, it would bring me both joy and fulfilment to be part of your personal transformation.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk? 

With love,


Yoga is a Journey

The relentless pursuit of joy, conscious connection and love.

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