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Tailored Yoga to augment your cycling

My Yoga for Cyclists classes are run in conjunction with

Pronto Bikes, a Bike shop & cafe in Frome.

It is a modified class that focuses on the relationship between breath and movement and is beneficial for all levels of cyclist; helping improve stability, core strength and balance - critical for achieving a comfortable and efficient position on the bike.

The result will enhance your cycling enjoyment.


In addition, it teaches us to deepen and control our breathing which will help both on the bike as well as off it - the breath can calm the heart rate, helping you achieve a grounded feeling of calm when you're being challenged physically. 

Yoga for Cyclists: Service


Strength & Stability

Yoga for Cyclists : Strength and Stability is a dynamic session that draws on the two key elements central to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga : those of breath and its relationship with movement.

Yoga for Cyclists is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series - a set sequence that will is modified to offer the greatest benefit in the context of cycling.


Yoga for Cyclists can help to improve not only your core strength and flexibility, but also your stamina, overall muscle strength and stability; elements key to maintaining a stable and efficient position on the bike. 


This Strength and Stability session is ideal for the early and off season as it focuses on developing strength and stability in the major muscle groups used in cycling, while simultaneously improving core strength, flexibility and mobility essential to minimising injury and key to comfortable, sustainable cycling. In addition, Yoga for Cyclists will also teach you to deepen and control your breathing - an invaluable skill for dealing with those tough climbs or chasing down the breakaway.  

Yoga on Deck


Recover & Restore

This Recover and Restore session is ideal practise in-season and will complement your increased mileage. Focus shifts towards the restoration and recovery of muscles while remaining centred around the strength building practise of Ashtanga Vinyasa, in order to minimise stress on well used muscles and maintain flexibility and mobility in key muscle groups that are key to comfortable, sustainable cycling. 

Improvements in muscular flexibility and mobility help reduce the likelihood of injury and discomfort on the bike as well as off it and will be beneficial in your day-to-day too! It is an excellent follow-on from the Strength and Stability course but is also invaluable for those new to the practise. 

If, like so many cyclists I speak to, you struggle with the discipline to spend time stretching in order to remain comfortable and flexible on the bike, this Recover and Restore session could well be ideal for you.

Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga for Cyclists: Service
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