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Freedom …being totally free, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually has been a subconscious core value of mine all my life.

About 9 years ago everything came into focus and freedom became an awesome conscious core value.

Pursuing that value of being totally free, being totally authentic in all that I think, say and do has been real work.

It takes time, it doesn’t come easily, and there have been times when progress appears to be slow but it is so, so gratifying.  

Closing the door on one life to stroll into another of an entirely different fabric does not happen overnight. It’s a commitment that I have not regretted for a moment, but transcending one identity in search of my truth that appears to be shapeless, without colour or texture, is bold and as I have discovered, takes some real patience.

I was a typical, competitive, overachiever. I had a successful career in executive recruitment. I had, over the years, consistently been promoted and approached by increasingly more specialist consultancies, with escalating salaries, bonuses and benefits. It was a career that enslaved me because of the lifestyle I had acquired. The increase in salary was accompanied by ever increasing targets, which equated to longer hours, more stress and eventually, burn out.

I was miserable.


Since university I had spent years compelled to pursue ‘success’, the kind that was visible to my peers in the form of things. I felt the need to keep adding to myself, achieving things that would be recognised, would be admired. 

I ended up building an idea of myself, that bore precious little resemblance to the real me.  I was living a life that I realised I no longer believed in. I wanted out. So I started making decisions and taking action.

Dismantling that construct takes time. Letting go of attachments can be a difficult process; often daunting, sometimes revealing, usually raw, but opening to the possibilities of authenticity is a liberation that can be felt right down to your soul. There is pure joy to be found at every step of the journey. As you unravel the layers, the truth emerges, and personal growth manifests itself. 




I have been practising yoga for close to 20 years, delving into deep self- discovery for 9 years, and teaching yoga since 2018.

In a world of constant stimulus, of never feeling you do enough, have enough or achieve enough, my approach to yoga offers practical tools for healthy, modern, authentic living.

This feeling of being ‘less than’ is such a burden, causing worry, anxiety and a disconnection with ourselves, with those around us, and even with life itself. 

In my classes, we work firstly with awareness of ourselves. The physical, emotional and mental sensations that will bring you back into balance.

My classes are dynamic, linking each breath with a movement in order to stimulate the breath, drawing our awareness to the body, and away from the busy thinking mind. The breath IS the practise.

Honouring your body, your mental and emotional well-being, I take a functional, pragmatic approach to yoga. This means there is no aesthetic in mind for the poses, we each have a very different physical structures.

The shape is not the destination, sensation is the destination.


My classes are suitable for all levels. I am passionate about creating practises for mental and physical health.

Healthy thoughts lead to healthy actions.

Let’s collectively raise our vibration, creating greater self-awareness and as a result, a greater understanding of ourselves. This only serves to deepen our own compassion and kindness towards ourselves, in turn our empathy to those closest to us.

From that comes greater love, understanding, a stronger sense of community; in turn a better understanding of life itself and our place in it.

Let's support one another on the journey. 

With love, Vikki 




I absolutely love Vikki’s yoga classes and highly recommend them. She is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable; although sometimes challenging, she always makes it clear you should go to your own level, and you never for a second feel inadequate. She offers useful suggestions - and always keeps a gentle sense of humour.  As a group, she engenders a feeling of friendship and trust amongst us. I intend to continue her classes as long as I am able!

Claire R. -  Farnborough


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