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//Cyclists// What are your plans for the off season?

Winter mileage traditionally becomes less intense, when we can turn our attention to the activities that augment our cycling, developing muscle endurance, core strength and flexibility to be more efficient when racing, or on recreational miles, simply for the joy of it. We can all improve our cycling position and comfort for greater performance and ultimately enjoyment, next season.

Perhaps you’re planning a tough winter Zwifting? Static bikes are tougher on the body than dynamic real world riding and a yoga class that complements these training sessions will ensure you are hitting your numbers, session after session. Who doesn’t want more power?!

Overworked muscles become short, contracted, tight and painful. We’ll be working to strengthen and lengthen the muscle groups we use when cycling, namely hamstrings, glutes, the core for stability and the spine.

Greater comfort means greater efficiency, improving both your performance and your enjoyment!

Yoga for Cyclists class are help in conjunction with Pronto Bikes, Frome

Mondays 19.30-20.30

NEW Live Stream Classes COMING SOON! Interested? Please get in touch!

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