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The longest day

Happy Summer solstice dear ones. I crept out into my garden, with hot tea, to sit and enjoy the early light as it crept into the longest day. There was almost a cacophony of bird song, cows calling and the gentle hum of life waking, unfolding; the scent on the air is different at that time of the morning too. 

I was only alone a little while, amongst the busy activity of the birds, when a sleepy little pup padded out across the patio to join me, indignant that we should be up so early, but as always, reluctant to be by herself. So we cuddled as the light lifted and I turned my attention towards my heart, the fragility there and the new layer of acceptance I have reached in listening more intently to the whispers of my heart and caring for it, more deeply.

We enjoyed a dawn walk, with a feeling that I am so very fortunate to be here in Frome, in this beautiful space.

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