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Take time to rest

How do you cope when life is busy, your energy and your attention is scattered and you’re left feeling removed from almost everything? I usually become quite insular, retreat to a quiet space. I certainly have a tendency to overthink and this feeling of being too busy can absolutely create anxiety and trigger my need to control things more greatly. It is more useful to be still, not to deny the experience, but to allow space for it.

I read a quote recently that resonated so highly, 'If you don't choose a day to rest, your body will choose for you' It's so true.

Before you get stopped, with overwhelm, fatigue, illness, or even burnout, take an opportunity to slow down, to regulate your nervous system. This will not only improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, but your mood, your quality of sleep, your ability to focus, concentrate, all the things we notice slipping when life is busy.

I am collaborating with Sasha of Restful Rhythms in this Yin yoga & Sound event.

Monday 24 June 7.30-9PM

@ The Works Studio, Badcox, Frome

We begin with simple, floor based yin yoga postures that honour this expansive, heart felt quality of Summer, it’s a season of promise, there’s a sense of unfolding. We offer the body space, as we begin to relax and release the body. 

This practise will offer simple mindfulness and breathwork exercises to support the process of slowing down & letting go. 

To support this rest, Sasha will complete this experience with a guided yoga nidra meditation, followed by a nourishing sound bath using crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, and chimes. The sounds will help to soothe the nervous system and bring about a sense of calm and balance. 

We practise at this auspicious time of Summer Solstice, as we notice nature shares a bright, warm, expansive energy, mirrored within ourselves. It’s a time to celebrate the light, abundance, but we may feel an urgency to be busy, making plans. It’s important to take time to slow down here, to cultivate a sense of grounding as we transition through this active season.

Event price is £16, pre-paid via Paypal.

Pre-paid classes are nonrefundable. 

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