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Daily Practise, for health & wellbeing

My health, wellbeing have consumed my attention in recent weeks and it still surprises me how perimenopause can create such polarising experiences from one day to the next. I’m still remembering to be with it, as it is. It’s just another reminder to invite presence.

My daily practise is one of listening, intently, noticing what I feel, if I feel anything, noticing when there’s numbness, disconnection; being present to life as it is. It’s both a difficult and beautiful experience, it takes practise; but one I encourage you to embark on.

Meditation is such an incredible tool to support your journey back home; this spiritual path in coming to know yourself, to discovery your true being, your essence that makes you, you.

I often think about creating a circle, a small group where we can practise together. If you’d like the support of a group to explore this practise, do let me know?

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