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Going Deeper

Beyond what I thought I knew about myself, to see what is actually here right now.

I spent 7 days away, which provided me with a container in which to feel. A place in which to unravel and to question what I thought I knew about myself; to be with what is actually here and I’m changed because of it.

A huge part of that influence was the unwavering love, generosity and holding from a beautiful person that I am grateful to call my friend and teacher.

We all need someone, someone that will love us, no matter what, without judgment, with strength and softness. It’s a quality I admire hugely.

Our meeting was unique in that it was our first meeting in person. I already knew she was my people and it was beautiful to feel it so honestly and deeply. Emma Peel, I couldn’t love you more!

It was an experience immersed in Yin yoga, and the Five Elements of the Dao; a path in which to live life in flow with nature. It has deepened a desire and curiosity that I have to follow the movements around us as most clearly seen as the seasons, to become more closely attuned to the call of nature and perhaps find more flow with life; living with more ease.

The Five Elements approach offers a structure that supports us in a way that we may understand ourselves more deeply, the way in which we live our lives and of life itself.

In Autumn, during the Metal phase, we likely notice a decline in mood and energy as we prepare for life to slow down and to take a well earned rest.

There is no yang, without yin

New class?

I am in a place in my life where I have a greater respect, desire and undeniable need for a Yin Practise, and this is the perfect time of year to explore it. Autumn invites us to slow down, to reflect over the heat and activity of the summer passed and to get clear on what it is we most value in our lives, whilst we enjoy quieter, cosy nights in, nourishment and tending to those parts of ourselves that may have been burnt out over the summer.

In a Yin Yoga practise, we hold the postures for longer, 2-5 minutes, typically, with enough sensation to keep the pose interesting, but with enough ease to relax more deeply.

Tell me, is this something you would like to experience? I would LOVE to share it with you!

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