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Knowing yourself, in isolation.

Updated: May 14, 2020

I’m checking in with you, by way of gently reminding you to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Take a moment.

It’s so easy, habitual even, to say ‘fine’ without the question even landing. The mind is quick to say ‘fine’, we’re programmed to it. What does your heart say? How do you feel? What do you notice about your thoughts, your moods, your emotions, these days?

I notice, that since we last connected, there now seems to be a collective weariness.

What do you notice?

Learning to live in this new way, which has proven emotionally turbulent, is indeed exhausting. It can be difficult to remember which day it is! The days roll into one another, we can feel like we’re losing our minds, but this is all normal. I really hope that you have been able to work towards a new ‘normal’, however that might look for you, and if it hasn’t, please know, that’s OK too. It really is. We put an extraordinary amount of pressure on ourselves day to day, but we hadn’t planned or even anticipated this pandemic and it is hard. No question. If you haven’t got life figured out, please don’t worry. Perhaps you are able to use this time to pursue interests you have never had the time to indulge in, that's wonderful! There is, however, absolutely no reason to feel you ‘should’ be productive, not to waste this time.

If you aren’t learning a new language, working towards a new lean body or mastering a creative outlet, you are not failing!

By filling our days with tasks, we might miss this opportunity to know ourselves better; how we respond in these strange and difficult circumstances - to know yourself in isolation. Nothing is expected of you. I found great comfort from something Elizabeth Gilbert, acclaimed writer, said recently, ‘The world needs mercy right now. Can you take a softer, more compassionate approach with yourself? If we just survive this, we have done incredibly well’. So I urge you, to take the pressure off, manage your expectations. I know that feelings of sadness, hopelessness even and often feeling guilty about it, can surface easily; especially if we are well and we can see no real reason for it. Also normal. Allow yourself to be, just as you are. I’m still taking it one day at a time, not planning ahead as is my nature, but learning to surrender to the need to predict the future. I’m beginning to notice the space... feeling a little less weight and leaning into it; not feeling the need to fill it. If you too are becoming aware of space, of expansiveness, let go… Take a moment to enjoy it… you deserve it! Here are a few things that I have been enjoying in recent weeks that I would love to share with you. I would love to hear of yours! Brené Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. She has some beautiful, honest and vulnerable conversations about human emotions and behaviours. I just love her.

How to Academy, an interesting resource to raise consciousness to the issues of our dramatically shifting world, with insights from innovative voices from around the world.

I have been enjoying the free talks, with Liz Gilbert and Glennon Doyle especially. Glennon's book 'Untamed' is on my list. Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel, City of Girls; a perfect lockdown novel! It’s a compelling page-turner about a New York theatre company in the 1940s, beautifully written; it’s so engaging and perfect escapism! Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation experience : Hope in uncertain times. If you would like to explore meditation with mantra, this is a wonderful series, with Oprah; some insightful teachings especially appropriate right now. Do what you can and please know that it’s enough. Stay safe. V x x

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