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This is me.

This is me. I’ve been trying to write a re-intro, to share a little more of me here, for weeks. It’s SO hard! Why is that? I think since I began, which I recently have come to know as peri menopause, 6 years ago, I’ve slowly lost myself; in all honesty. There’s been so much of myself I’ve had to let go, maybe she’ll be back, maybe not. It has been a profound sense of loss, of chaos, actually. So it feels incredibly difficult to describe her now.

I find it difficult to let people in. I delight in the simplest of things these days. I’m a morning person, always have been. I’ll get up early to have it to myself. I like my own space and the comforts of home. I love nature & being outdoors with Leila, my rescue pup. If I can persuade Dave to join us, all the better. I love cooking. I love reading. I love meaningful conversations with good friends over good coffee. I love exploring my spiritual path. I love swimming in open water. I, of course, love yoga & perhaps more so off the mat, since peri menopause; all the anxiety, the depression. The opportunity to be mindful, to reconnect with myself & find refuge in the present moment, has been a life line.

Things you may not know about me I am a fan, bordering obsessed, with Strongman.

When my anxiety flares up, the signs are there, my OCD kicks on a gear & I count what I eat; 12 almonds, 14 crisps, whatever made up thing feels most comfortable & I eat everything in twos. I am happiest at home. I’m a BIG F1 fan. I willingly get in bed at 9PM & up at 5AM. I’m dog obsessed, the bigger the better. I’m fanatical about the shapes of glasses, mugs. They can alter my whole drinking experience. This might also be, (definitely is) OCD. I’ve been vegan for 8 years, cooking makes me happy, but I still don’t see the point of vegan cheese. It’s grim. I collect containers for things that I almost never use, again because I like the shape. I now think I might be a bit mad?! I have an exceptionally tolerant husband 😌

At the heart of all this crazy, is an incredibly sensitive, empathetic girl, that just loves, Love.


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